Monday, March 28, 2011

Al Foron - Arabic in America

From al foron
One of the things I like best about Al Foron (see my review with pix: ), now that I think about it, is its unabashed openness about being Arabic, or related to the Middle East.

Too many restaurants cloak the Middle East, at least in the US, with a vagueness, hoping that Americans will be tricked into thinking the place is actually a Greek place (safe!) rather than an Arabic place (dangerous!).

So we get all kinds of weird attempts at "Mediterranean" food or Mediterranean named restaurants, usually it means ARABIC FOOD everyone, usually heavily Lebanese centric. But nobody knows wtf Mediterranean food is... restaurant owners, just say Arabic and I bet, like Al Foron, if you are real with yourself, you'll have a hit on your hands.

Unless you are really providing Cypriot, Turkish, Egyptian, Sicilian, Tunisian, Greek, Moroccan, Israeli, Syrian, French and Spanish food, please just say what you are.

I wish Arabic places would stop having Gyros too, leave that for the malls.

Kudos to Al Foron, who doesn't even translate the Arabic word for "oven" in its name.

It's Al Foron, if you don't know what it means, look it up, and it's ARABIC! And its sign is written in Arabic!

Believe that. Go eat there and see.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some updates: Dosa Truck & Australian Pub are new places!

The 21st century moves quickly.  Some recent events related to restaurants I've reviewed:

Copper Chimney is now indoors!  The popular dosa truck has moved to a more semi-permanent location in the Black Mountain Road Indian district inside the supermarket next door to Ashoka.

I guess now it's called Spice Court Restaurant?

Details are sketchy on the dosa truck website but it has their hours and directions:

Lovers of Allen's handwritten signs, as I am, do not have to fear (yet) however as they have a big white board with a handwritten menu outside on the sidewalk.

In other news:

A trip back to PB yesterday revealed that the long standing Australian Pub in PB is no more.  In name at least.  Their new menu which I mentioned in my review of them is still there, as are their excellent wings, in some ways much better and consistent than the old Aussie Pub.

But their name is now The Black Pearl, it seems to be pirate themed.  The same red faced old timers were still congregating at the bar around 3pm on a nice weather Monday though, so all is well.  And now they don't have to explain why they don't carry Australian beer.  I can't find any info on the new named restaurant online.  If they have a website or if someone knows anything more please let me know via comments below.

Pitcher of Kona Porter, couple baskets of wings, delicious weather & good conversation = how life should be spent!

- GC