Wednesday, September 8, 2010

punjabi tandoor

From punjab

Alright people, you are finally getting the damn idea.  Eat this food immediately.  Go here now and do not stop at the parked 18 wheelers doing speed along the side road or the weird sex-prostitute cars along the dark streets. 

This is it I guess, for San Diego, and it’s pretty damn good, and finally has real prices.

We ordered a feast:  Chicken Vindaloo, Tandoori mix grill, chicken tikka masala, Vegetable Samosa, 2 naan, mix pickles, and raita.

This place is family run, there’s an elderly dad, the mom and some young hiphop kid who I can’t tell if he’s being surly, lazy, or just clueless, but he had problems taking my order on the phone (but seems like a nice guy!).

The only bad thing about this place is its physicality, though some might think it’s a cool “hole-in-the-wall” type vibe.  It’s true.  Plus they don’t have beer, which I find essential to vindaloo, but that’s why you get it to go, but it’s a bit cold when you eat it.

From punjab

The place has only like 4 plastic tables inside, most of them taken.  One filled with college students (I went at night), one had a 30-40ish couple and I overheard their conversation because I had to wait for the food:

He was Indian and she was Korean-American, heavy on the American:

She:  So what language do you speak?  Sikh?

He:  Sikh is a religion, not a language, the language is Punjabi.

She:  Oh, this food is good, you must have strong digestive system because you eat a lot of this yogurt

He:  Umm (eating)

She:  So do you prefer to eat with your hands or with utensils

He:  Depends

There was also some Tom Cruise looking Top Gun military dude waiting by the register for his food (the restaurant is near Miramar).  Behind him were the other offerings that you could buy there including Top Ramen, gum, and some snacks.

I finally got my food and left, leaving the professors to mull over ethnic issues while I went and gorged my fat face.

From punjab

Now these types of places are rare, the ones where the food looks a little funky but tastes 100% handmade and 100% delicious, the kind of street-type food that really gives you what you want, no holding back on spices, sweat, and tears.  I ate at one once in Kuwait that me and my friends found, I think it was called Miami restaurant, it was packed with Indian and Pakistani construction workers and you just got what they gave you, some curry on top of rice, but it was the best damn Indio-Pak-Bangladeshi food I ever had.

Speaking of which, I have no idea, and apparently neither does anyone, about the nuances surrounding Indian food, Punjabi, Hindi (though I assume Hindi is veggie), Pakistani, Bangladeshi, whatever.  When you go to an Indian restaurant in the USA, you get some generic version of all of this, but I suspect that there are so many details regarding it that I sound like an idiot when I talk about the food. 

Who the hell cares though, if the damn food is good, then you just eat it and be done with it.

Hours - 11-4, 5-10 m-f

11-10 sat

5-9 sun

San Diego Location
9235 Activity Road, Suite 111
San Diego, CA 92126
Tel: (858) 695-0956